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Ask the Pros: RLSA Campaigns

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06 Oct Ask the Pros: RLSA Campaigns

This article was initially published in CBT News Magazine’s September 2017 issue’s ‘Ask the Pros’ section.

Q. How can I better market to customers who have already visited my website?

–Tess T., Worchester, MA

A. There are a few different ways to do this, and you may already be utilizing a display remarketing strategy to reach these customers. A relatively newer Google AdWords strategy we’d recommend, however, is RLSA, which stands for Remarketing Lists for Search Ads.

This feature allows you to tailor your search campaigns based on whether a user previously viewed your dealership’s website, as well as the specific pages or VDPs that user viewed.

RLSAs can be used in two ways: To apply bid adjustments to your remarketing lists (i.e. increasing your bid for users who visited your website in the last 30 days), and to set up campaigns or ad groups to only display certain ads to people in this audience (i.e. bidding on broader keywords only for people who have previously visited your website).

So how does this benefit you? You’ll be able to target qualified users who you know are already familiar with your website and interested in your dealership. Your conversion rates may improve. Most importantly, though, this strategy can allow you to spend your ad dollars more efficiently.

RLSA campaigns can be extremely effective– Google published a recent case study that found that one tire retailer saw a conversion rate increase of 161% and a 22% increase in sales thanks to implementing this strategy. Test it out at your dealership!

A quick look at RLSA campaigns, 30-Second Marketing Tip style:

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