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New Study: The Best & Worst Mobile Ad Formats


27 Oct New Study: The Best & Worst Mobile Ad Formats

With more than 50 percent of auto shoppers using their mobile devices as part of the vehicle research process, it’s more important than ever for dealers to be well-represented on mobile. But what kind of mobile ads get the best results?

A study conducted by MediaScience in September 2016 revealed some interesting statistics about which types of mobile ad formats get the most interactions and view time.

The four types of mobile ads the study looked at were Adhesion Banners, In-Stream Ads, Interstitial Ads and Sidekick Ads, examples of which are given below:

Adhesion Banners:

Adhesion Banner

In-Stream Ads

In Stream Ad

Interstitial Ads


Sidekick Ads


According to the study, Interstitial Ads had the highest share of users who looked at the ad, coming in at 71 percent. Sidekick Ads and In-Stream Ads took the second and third place spots, but Adhesion Banners lagged behind, with only a 38% share.

When it comes to the average length of time an ad is viewed, In-Stream and Sidekick ads tied at 3.1 seconds each. Once again, Adhesion Banners came in last place with an average of just 1.6 percent.

What about the average number of items viewed within a given ad? Interstitial Ads took the top slot with 4.6 average items, followed by In-Stream Ads with 4.2, Sidekick Ads with 3.9, and Adhesion Banners with 2.7

Finally, the study examined follow-up looks to a given ad. This time, Sidekick Ads took the prize with 6.5 follow-up looks. In-Stream Ads came in second, Adhesion Banners in third, and Interstitials ranked last with only 1.9 follow-ups.

Overall, the study seemed to show that Adhesion Banners result in the lowest engagement of all four mobile ad formats, and that if marketers want to be truly effective, the other three ad types might be better choices.

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