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Multi-Channel Marketing

Our mission is to evolve the dealer-to-customer shopping experience, and we do that through innovative and data-driven multi-channel marketing strategies that are proven to get results for our dealer clients nationwide.

At Force Marketing, we offer automotive marketing solutions that truly work. Our multi-channel approach is proven to be effective in driving more qualified car-shoppers to a dealer’s website and showroom. We’re results-oriented, which is why each and every marketing medium we offer is tied to an ROI, so dealers know exactly how their marketing dollars are being spent. Our strategies combine innovative technology with advanced data to ensure that our dealers are reaching the right customers with the right message at the right time. All that and more is why we’re the automotive industry’s leading provider of targeted, trackable and technology-driven marketing solutions.

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With a multi-channel strategy you can inspire a consumer, with personalized and targeted messaging, to enter the market and begin the path to purchase. When a customer begins the path to purchase, it is increasingly important to continually communicate with them using a consistent message. The experience they have while interacting with your dealership is vastly important to the customer life-cycle they enter and keeps them connected in the path to purchase.

Though our strategy will vary from store to store to align with a dealer’s individual goals, we have two main objectives for our dealer clients: to increase their market share while decreasing their overall ad expense.

Our Strategy

Forward Thinking Industry Leaders

Understanding Consumer Behavior

Data-Driven Strategy with Complete ROI Analysis on all Campaigns

Creative Alignment Across Mediums

Group Reporting Across All Campaigns

Our Services

We combine advanced data with the best technology to identify the right channels through which dealers should communicate with their customers.

We're backed by innovative technology that lets us more effectively deliver results.


Your DMS data, CRM data and other data sources combine to dictate a strategy that works.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Our strategy allows you to reach customers through multiple marketing mediums.

Technology-enabled and data-driven marketing solutions from Force Marketing can help your dealership create a one-to-one communication channel with today's car-shopper.