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The results of a direct response campaign are exponentially more valuable when call tracking is used effectively. ForceTrac™ software from Force Marketing makes all the results of your direct response campaign absolutely transparent for you and your account manager.

This ensures you see the best results from all current and future campaigns.

ForceTrac™ call tracking numbers let you observe the real-time response rates to your campaign so you can make adjustments on-the-fly or take notes about the successful marketing techniques you want to use again later.
Additionally, ForceTrac™ phone call recordings make great teaching tools to use with your sales staff at any time. Share well-executed calls to reinforce good work habits and encourage others. Critique poorly-executed calls as an effort to teach everyone better customer service and sales skills.

All ForceTrac™ analytics can be accessed online through your own personal login ID 24/7. Ask us how ForceTrac™ by Force Marketing can help you monitor your next direct response campaign.



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