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4 Marketing Lessons Dealers Can Learn from Baseball

04 Jun 4 Marketing Lessons Dealers Can Learn from Baseball

Force Marketing Braves Tailgate game On Saturday, Force Marketing held its fourth annual Atlanta Braves tailgate outing for team members and their families. More than 150 people attended, decked out in customized t-shirts, to share food and drinks before taking in a game in which the Atlanta Braves beat the Pittsburgh Pirates. The warmer months are synonymous with baseball in America, but it’s not just sports fans who can benefit from the season. Here are a few lessons that dealers and automotive marketers can learn from America’s pastime: Each day is a new opportunity to win. Baseball season certainly seems to last a long time. Unlike sports like football, your favorite baseball team plays a game nearly every day– 162 games over the course of about 180 days. That means that every team has a great deal of opportunities to rack up runs and wins– and so do you. Marketing for your dealership doesn’t have a season– it lasts all year long, and every single day you have an opportunity to reach new customers, make more sales and set more service appointments. Just like a baseball team can’t neglect a game just because there are so many left to play, dealers shouldn’t let marketing opportunities pass them by. You’ve got to be patient. Sports fans occasionally differ on baseball. Some love the game, while others think it’s a little slow. It may not be as fast-paced as some sports, but patience on the part of all members of the team can lead to big, exciting wins. In automotive marketing, you’ve likely found that some campaigns or channels take time to become effective. It may take some time to see results from your SEO efforts, for instance, or to build up a social media following. You just have to be patient and recognize that the hard work you and your marketing team are putting in will pay off in the long run. Your whole team is important. Baseball isn’t a sport that’s about one star player. The whole team must come together to win. The same is true of your dealership. It’s crucial that everyone–from the receptionist all the way to the GM–is on the same page about your message and your marketing. If a customer receives a direct mail message about a particular offer or sales event, but the person who answers the phone when they call to schedule a test drive doesn’t know anything about it, you may miss out on that lead. Likewise, if the sales event isn’t mentioned in your digital marketing or traditional advertising, then you’re giving up sales opportunities. Make sure that everyone who works for your dealership–including your marketing company or department– communicates and plays well together as a team. The fans are critical to your success. The Braves might have pulled off a win this weekend had the Force Marketing team not been in attendance, but having a cheering section certainly helps. Just like the fans help a baseball team win, your dealership’s loyal customers help your business succeed. The word-of-mouth marketing they can offer is invaluable, which is why it’s so important that you nurture those relationships and encourage your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews of your dealership on social media and online reputation sites. The Force Marketing team had a great time watching a game of baseball, and is looking forward to a strong rest of the seasonIs your dealership ready for a strong sales and service season? Contact us today to find out how we can help you apply these baseball lessons to your marketing plan.

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