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5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for Your Dealership

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16 Jul 5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for Your Dealership

Written by Ari Meier

Ari Meier Force Marketing

Ari Meier is an SEO Strategist on Force Marketing’s digital marketing team, and works with our dealer partners across the country to optimize their websites and drive site traffic. He also runs the website Insight22, where a version of this article was originally published.

Search engine optimization is a widely adopted digital marketing methodology used to increase your dealership’s website search performance in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines, and build brand awareness. Your website won’t help generate revenue if it has no visibility, so SEO is an important early step to set up your site for online success. But even now, this popular buzzword generates as much confusion as it does awareness among site owners.

Because SEO is ever-changing, what worked last year may not work this year. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the other search engines can (and do) make major algorithm updates several times a year. For example, Google reported more than 3,200 algorithm changes in 2018 alone. While small updates are hardly noticed by SEO professionals and site visitors, the big updates may result in search ranking changes for the better– or for the worse.

Below are five reasons why staying on top of up-to-the-minute SEO trends is important for your dealership or group:

1. Your site will have more credibility.

When most people see a website at the top of a search results page, they deem the site to be credible and trustworthy. Your dealership’s site’s high search ranking also creates authority over competitors in your market. Most people looking for a product or service, including those researching a vehicle or service, usually interpret your site’s top ranking as indicative of quality. For instance, there may be 10 competing auto dealers in a large city, but it doesn’t matter about the size, location or how long the dealer has been in business, if a dealership’s SEO helps place them first on the search results page, their site is much more likely to earn a car-shopper’s click.

2. Your authority will grow.

Authority is an important thing online. In other words, you want users to visit your page if they have a question about “how to operate X feature in the new X model vehicle.” It’s not enough to have well-written copy or a highly-polished video on your dealership website; the content you provide should be valuable, which is defined by whether it meets the needs of the user. When your content is valuable to many, other sites will link to it, thus acting as an endorsement of said content. This is all factored into search engine rankings.

3. Track your customers.

Google Analytics and other analytics platforms allow an SEO professional or website owner to track important site visitor information, such as the number of visitors that visited your site via mobile, how long they stayed on your page(s), whether they came from your social media sites, their location, which pages they visited, and so much more. This information can help you discover your target market, and this will allow you to determine what the best marketing and advertising strategy is. These analytics platforms are great tools to keep the guesswork out of your strategy and ensure you’re spending your marketing and ad dollars efficiently.

4. Increase in organic website traffic.

Smart search engine optimization goals can include increasing traffic and engagement, with the ultimate goal of conversion optimization. SEO is concerned with organic traffic, or non-paid traffic. Examples of search terms include “buy a hybrid car near me” or “x auto dealership in Charlotte NC.” When your site is properly optimized, it is much more likely to show up first on the search engine results page. There are also other factors that your SEO team will look at, like ensuring that your site’s UI (user interface – i.e. design, site navigation and layout) and content (copy and video quality) are good. They’ll evaluate page loading speed, and mobile friendliness, both of which factor into search engine rankings.

5. Beat your competitors.

If your dealership is similar to ten other dealerships, meaning they offer similar products, have been established around the same time, product or service plan prices are competitive and all are in the same city, a strong SEO strategy can be the big difference between your dealership’s website getting more traffic and sales than the sites of your competitors. If your competitors are staying on top of SEO trends and tactics and you’re letting your strategy slip, you may be at a disadvantage.

Ensuring your SEO strategy is solid and effective is an ongoing process. At Force Marketing, our team of SEO experts are constantly optimizing and improving the websites of our dealer partners, and we can help your dealership, too. Contact us today to find out what our digital marketing team can do for you!

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