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Shirie Cantrell

Controller/HR Director

Lindsay Eldredge

Accounts Payable Specialist

Euni Maitland

Accounts Receivable/Collections

Jessica Joiner

Sales Support Specialist

Jordan Koenig

Director of First Impressions

System Administration

The fountain of content must spring up in the mind... - Samuel Johnson

Lauren Benton

Salesforce Admin/Business Analyst

Caroline Chambers

Account Manager


Sammie Hosse

Production Designer

Jacour Clarke

Graphic Designer

Jamison Kelley

Graphic Designer

Bennett Greer

Graphic Designer

Vanche Miller

Graphic Designer

Onboarding / Strategy

Judi Webster

Director of Strategy & Implementation

Taylor Gilson

Onboarding Specialist

Hannah Brooks

Onboarding Specialist

Jonathan Guarin

Audience Manager

Marketing Managers

Maria Trigo

Marketing Manager Lead

Mary McDermott

Marketing Manager

Pablo Fuentes

Marketing Manager

Cassandra Sarcia

Marketing Manager

Madison Weis

Marketing Manager
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