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Automotive Email Marketing: Myths vs. Truth

01 May Automotive Email Marketing: Myths vs. Truth

Whether you already have an automotive email marketing strategy in place at your dealership, or you’re considering implementing a new one, it’s important to sort the facts from the fiction.

Force Marketing assists dealerships with automotive email marketing strategies every day. Based on experience and in-depth research, the Force Marketing digital team has dispelled the following common myths:
  • Myth #1: No one reads mass emails anymore. While there has been a dramatic shift from reading emails on PCs to reading emails on mobile devices, consumers are still opening and acting upon automotive emails.  At Force Marketing, our talented team will create an automotive email marketing campaign that is attention grabbing to your target market.
  • Myth #2: Email marketing costs too much. Compared to other forms of advertising and marketing, automotive email marketing is one of the most inexpensive. The knowledgeable automotive email marketing team at Force Marketing can review your dealership needs, and develop a tactic within your budget.
  • Myth #3: Emails are annoying to current and potential customers. Automotive email marketing is only bothersome when the recipients aren’t interested in or cannot understand the message being delivered.  Force Marketing creates customized content, and a targeted list of recipients to ensure your dealership’s emails are being read by consumers in the market for a vehicle.
  • Myth #4: Automotive Email Marketing is ineffective. This myth is easy to disprove with Force Marketing’s reporting and analytics.  Specific      data is provided for each automotive email campaign, so your dealership can easily determine how many recipients used the email to visit the customized landing page created by Force Marketing’s digital team.
Don’t let the misleading myths in the rumor mill deter your dealership from utilizing automotive email marketing. Emails created by the expert digital team at Force Marketing can bring additional leads into your showroom, increase traffic to your website and encourage recipients to provide vital information. contact Force Marketing today!

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