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Automotive Social Media Marketing and Your Dealership

19 Aug Automotive Social Media Marketing and Your Dealership

More than ever, social media is influencing consumer purchasing decisions, no matter what they’re buying. Consumers share their experiences with their Facebook friends, Twitter followers and other online acquaintances, creating a much farther reach than ever before. This means that social media marketing is a strategy your dealership should definitely be implementing.

  Why is automotive social media marketing important for your dealership?
  • It builds a community. When you use automotive social media marketing correctly, you’re engaging your followers and creating a loyal community that has a positive impression of your dealership. Communication openly with your customers and potential customers builds trust, which is a crucial part of your relationship with consumers.
  • It keeps you on consumers’ minds. We live in an increasingly mobile society. More people use social media no matter where they are thanks to smartphones and other devices. If you utilize automotive social media marketing, you can make sure consumers don’t forget your dealership by posting often—though not too often.
  • It helps you spread the word. Studies show that 75% of people are somewhat or highly likely to share content they like online with friends, coworkers or family. This means that when you implement automotive social media marketing strategies, you aren’t just sharing with your followers, but with their followers as well. Automotive social media increases your reach and allows you to communicate with untapped market segments.
  • It can mitigate disaster. In the event that someone has a negative experience at your dealership, automotive social media marketing (combined with online reputation management) can allow you to communicate with the unsatisfied party, and in many cases you can turn them into a loyal customer by simply addressing their concerns and doing what you can to solve their problem.
Automotive social media marketing, when executed correctly, can ensure that your dealership’s customer base continues to grow. An expert digital marketing team like the one at Force Marketing can properly handle the automotive social media marketing needs of your dealership. Interested in learning more about how automotive social media marketing can help your dealership reach a new client base and create a loyal community of customers? contact Force Marketing today!

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