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Case Study: How We Helped Tansky Sawmill Toyota Improve Web Traffic, Sales, & Service ROs

Tansky Sawmill Toyota Case Study Force Marketing

06 Aug Case Study: How We Helped Tansky Sawmill Toyota Improve Web Traffic, Sales, & Service ROs

The team at Force Marketing is always proud to share in our dealer partners’ success. Today, we’re highlighting Tansky Sawmill Toyota, a Toyota dealership located in Dublin, Ohio.

Through our strategic digital marketing efforts from February to June of 2018, this dealer saw a 56% increase in overall website traffic, a 12% increase in sales, and a 24% increase in service ROs, and this case study showcases how a dealership that’s already successful can still grow, even while spending less on advertising.

Download the complete case study here.

The Challenge

Tansky Sawmill Toyota came to Force Marketing in November of 2017 with a request: to audit their current digital marketing efforts to determine if there was room for improvement. Though the store had been experiencing an increase in year-over-year sales, and had climbed to the top 5 within the regional rankings, they were interested in learning how to better optimize their digital ad spends in order to continue that growth.

After reviewing the dealership’s Google Analytics, current VDPs by zip, and marketshare reports, the Force Marketing team identified that while the dealership was winning on sedan, compact, and crossover models, they were losing marketshare on SUV and trucks. The goal became to take back marketshare on these specific vehicles categories utilizing a targeted digital ad strategy.

The Strategy

The Force Marketing team proposed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included Paid Search, Dynamic Retargeting, Online Video, and a custom Search Engine Optimization package.

Tansky Sawmill Toyota Marketing

The strategy focused on retaining the sales volume on top models and hyper-targeting audiences that were in-market for SUVs and trucks across all channels, and featured strong, creatively-aligned calls-to-action.

The Results

Force Marketing executed this digital marketing program, and from February 2018 to June 2018, Tansky Sawmill Toyota saw a 56% increase in total website traffic.

During this time period, the dealership saw a 10% increase in Google Paid Search traffic, a 36% increase in Bing Paid Search traffic, and a 40% increase in organic website traffic.

Through June of 2018, Tansky Sawmill Toyota was able to increase total vehicle sales by 12% year-over-year and increase marketshare on SUVs and trucks at the same time, all while spending substantially less on their digital advertising.

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