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Data-Driven Direct Mail: Credit Approval Program

01 Apr Data-Driven Direct Mail: Credit Approval Program

Knowing and understanding your target market is Marketing 101. Force Marketing’s direct mail department assists nationwide automotive dealerships in reaching their ideal consumers with highly customized messaging.

  The Credit Approval Program allows the Force Marketing team to target customers with direct mail pieces based on remaining payments, credit scores and loan balances. This is a vital marketing strategy for automotive dealerships as the modern consumer is inundated with tailored ad messaging specific to their shopping habits and lifestyle. Force Marketing’s Credit Approval Program contains diverse marketing tactics that convert target market consumers into quality traffic on your dealership’s showroom floor.  Below are some examples of how the Credit Approval Program can work for your dealership:
  • Credit Pre-qualification Letters: Force Marketing creates easy-to-understand letters with firm credit offers based on targeting specific credit ranges using Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant data that is pre-screened every 30 days against industry leading credit bureaus.
  • Discharged Bankruptcy Letters: Allows dealerships to target customers recently discharged of bankruptcy to increase sales with high-potential leads. Additional personalization is highly recommended by Force Marketing for an increased success rate, including handwritten fonts and business cards from dealership general managers.
  • Expiring Lease Letters: These letters have been historically successful for Force Marketing’s clients, as they help dealerships capture high-quality leads.  These letters target potential customers who already are searching for vehicles in their area, or will be shortly.
  • Payment Ranges: Dealerships can generate more showroom traffic by appealing to customers with vehicle payment ranges. As a part of the Credit Approval Program, these letters are beneficial for dealerships trying to increase sales in a wider range of demographics.
  • Auto Loan Equity: Offering highly-potential customers an unambiguous amount of credit for an auto loan is a very successful direct mail strategy for automotive dealerships.
When it comes to automotive direct mail, the details make an astounding difference in increasing showroom traffic. The direct mail pieces crafted with Force Marketing’s Credit Approval Program can provide your dealership with a competitive edge in your local market, or help your brand break into a new market. It all starts with informing your customers that data and research proves how your dealership is the right fit for their particular needs. contact Force Marketing today!

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