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Declining Organic Facebook Reach– and How Video Can (At Least Partly) Save the Day

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09 Aug Declining Organic Facebook Reach– and How Video Can (At Least Partly) Save the Day

As a dealer, you’re probably well-represented on Facebook by now with a brand page where you can post photos, answer user question and generate dealership reviews. The social network has become an integral part of a dealer’s digital marketing strategy.

That said, the way Facebook displays brand pages’ and publishers’ content to users has changed, and continues to do so. A recent study by SocialFlow found that publishers’ Facebook Pages have seen a whopping 52 percent decline in organic reach from January 2016 to July 2016.

What’s the reason for the decline? The network is simply too crowded. According to Facebook, the changes they’ve made to their algorithms are all in the interest of making the user experience a better one. As more users and brands populate the site, there’s simply too much content to show everything to everyone.

To that end, Facebook has begun to prioritize content posted by a user’s friends and family over brand content, and has also made a Page’s reach dependent on user shares over direct posting. The bottom line is that it’s becoming more and more difficult to get users to see the content you post on your dealership’s Facebook page.

Unless you’re taking advantage of online video, that is.

Even as Facebook has made these changes, it has also made an effort to be more and more video-friendly– adding autoplay video to the timeline, adding public view counts, and prioritizing video posts in its algorithm.

It’s very likely your dealership is already creating and utilizing online video– for video pre-roll advertising, or for video content on your website. You can use this exact same video content to increase your reach and engagement on your Facebook page. Be sure you’re uploading the videos directly to Facebook rather than linking to them– they will be much more visible that way, to the tune of 268 percent.  

Don’t let the decline of organic reach on Facebook get you down. Video is just one way to work around Facebook’s changes and deliver a better user experience to your customers and other car-shoppers on Facebook.

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