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Direct Mail and Digital Marketing in 2013

20 Nov Direct Mail and Digital Marketing in 2013

As automotive dealerships develop and set new business goals for 2013, it’s important not to overlook the incorporation of direct mail and digital marketing programs into the big picture marketing plan. Direct mail and digital marketing are two of the most effective marketing methods used within the automotive industry.

Force Marketing offers a number of services for automotive dealerships seeking results. Below are just some of the proven direct mail and digital marketing programs that businesses in the automotive industry can utilize to increase showroom traffic in 2013. Top Prospects Invitations – these direct mail pieces are completely customizable based on local dealership needs. Direct mail invitations include a wide range of giveaway registrations, incentivized offers for vehicle upgrades and trade-in value certificates. Aftermarket Solutions— these are perfect direct mail campaigns to help your automotive dealership retain existing customers. Whenever a customer responds via phone or email participating dealers will be notified to assist with lead tracking. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising— Consumers want to learn about your dealership before they ever visit, which is why digital marketing is vital. Force Marketing’s PPC campaigns not only target users seeking the products your dealership has to offer, but provides highly-detailed tracking for every conversion. Online Reputation Management—This digital marketing service is a key factor in creating a diverse online marketing strategy by proactively encouraging customers to leave reviews, and consistently responding to positive and negative online reviews. Customers value the experience and opinion of others, not just the information they obtain via search engines. Whether your dealership is striving to reactivate existing leads or gain showroom traffic in 2013, direct mail and digital marketing from Force Marketing can help you achieve your goals. If you’d like to learn more about how direct mail or digital marketing, contact Force Marketing today!

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