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Facebook to Introduce New Video Ad Types

13 Apr Facebook to Introduce New Video Ad Types

The social media giant places a high value on video– and so should you. Since online video advertising is growing so swiftly, it’s only natural that Facebook would continue innovating their video ad products and services. Facebook is set to present new video advertising plans at an event in New York later this month, including its new premium video ad product, called “Anthology.” Anthology is a system that Facebook is working on that will allow publishers (like Vine, Vox Media, The Onion and others) to create short videos that would be sponsored by advertisers. This is a new initiative from Facebook, the goal of which is to add more high-quality video to the social network, which in turn will help keep users on the site for longer. Facebook has also been testing autoplay video, wherein suggested videos will play continuously one after the next in a queue. This is similar to what happens on YouTube now, and is aimed at keeping users engaged– again, in hopes that they will stay on the site for a longer period of time. These changes indicate that Facebook, like many of the other popular social media networks and sites, is fully aware of the value of video in the digital landscape. And valuable they are– studies have found that using videos on a landing page can increase conversions by 86 percent, while video keeps prospective customers on a website up to two minutes longer. These stats don’t just teach a lesson to social media giants– they can help dealers optimize their websites to boost conversion rates and decrease bounce rates as well. Online video, both ads and native content, is something dealers, marketers and digital content creators alike all need to be taking part in. Facebook’s presentation on its new video platforms and products is set to come right before NewsFronts, the two-week-long conference where Buzzfeed, Yahoo, YouTube, Hulu and other digital content producers and providers present to marketers and advertisers. The Force Marketing digital team keeps an eye on developments within the industry, and can recommend how your dealership can improve its web presence through online video. Want to learn more? Contact us today!

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