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Force Marketing is Now an Oracle Elite Data Marketer

Force Marketing Oracle Elite Data Partner

04 Oct Force Marketing is Now an Oracle Elite Data Marketer

Automotive marketing is in a constant state of change. Dealers know that on top of superior service, selection, and price, they must provide the best customer experience, and that starts with the data that drives their marketing.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that Force Marketing is now an Oracle Elite Data Marketer, one of just a few companies to earn the distinction within the automotive space.


Oracle is the world’s largest provider of customizable audience sets, with more than 300 million records in the U.S. Oracle Data Cloud grants access to best-in-class automotive audiences that enable dealers to reach in-market customers, active shoppers, and owners of specific body styles, makes, and models.


While advertising channels like Facebook have restricted access to third-party data, our Oracle Elite Data Marketer status allows Force Marketing clients to enjoy access to these expansive audience sets for utilization across all measurable digital marketing mediums, including Facebook.

Dealers who are not working with an Oracle Elite Data Marketer are now limited in the type of data they can access and audiences they can target with their marketing. In contrast, our dealer partners will continue to be able to reach prospects with highly-targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

A few examples of targeted campaigns that can be run with access to advanced Oracle data:

–Reach loyal model and brand owners returning to market.

–Conquest from competing brands and models.

–Reach nearby owners with service lane offers.

–Find owners of vehicles you want on your used car lot.

–Conduct equity mining campaigns.

–Build fixed ops traffic by conquesting people servicing with other dealers.

–Steal share from independent service centers with a value and service-focused message.

–Target payment campaigns to qualified households.

–Reach people nearing the end of their auto loan.

When dealers are able to reach these specific types of audiences with custom messaging, they are proven to see increased marketing effectiveness and higher ROI.


For Facebook specifically, Oracle Data Cloud auto audiences are integrated through a simple process. First, offline data is collected (such as vehicle purchase, service purchase, loan status, credit tier, etc.). Next, Oracle Data Cloud uses this data to create online audiences of real people. Oracle Data Cloud delivers anonymized audiences matched to Facebook users, and these audiences are then available for advertising on Facebook.


The Force Marketing team also has access to advanced level trainings and Oracle insights to ensure that our data-driven marketing campaigns are always on the cutting edge.

Force Marketing and Oracle bring together the advanced data and expertise you need to compete in today’s automotive landscape. If you’re ready to unlock your marketing potential, contact us today!

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