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Get to Know Force: Bailey Willett

Bailey Willett Force Marketing

28 Sep Get to Know Force: Bailey Willett

Each week, we’ll be highlighting a key Force Marketing team member here on the blog. Get to know our team a little better, starting today with Data Analyst Bailey Willett!


Q. What’s your role at Force, and what does it entail?

I am a Data Analyst here. I work with the Enterprise team to gather and analyze data. From this, we make recommendations to help better achieve our client’s goals.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about what you do here?

I love the environment that Force has created for its employees. It makes it really enjoyable to know that you are coming to work everyday with people who have the same drive and desire to work hard, so that we can achieve our team’s goals.

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of work.

As everyone probably already knows, I ran track in college, so I am still really obsessed with working out. Besides that, I love to hang out with my friends.


Q. What’s your dream travel destination, or favorite place you’ve ever traveled?

The best trip I have ever been on was to Bora Bora. We stayed on a bungalow over the water. You could see the fish through the clear flooring in your room, which was super cool.

Q. Did you have any sort of automotive background before Force?

Nope, but I am truly loving it from my time here.

Q. What’s your dream vehicle?

A white Rolls Royce Phantom with red interior (yes I have thought a lot about this).

What song would you pick to be your theme song?

Ay Bay Bay- Hurricane Chris

Q. What advice would you give to a new employee at Force?

It is okay to not be perfect. When you make a mistake (because we all do), be sure to ask questions and learn from them!

Q. What’s your favorite quote?

“Enough is never enough; keep dreaming, keep setting goals and keep moving forward.” – Antonio McKay

Stay tuned for next week, when we’ll be getting to know another Force Marketing team member! Want to be a part of our incredible team? Take a look at the open positions on our Careers page!

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