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Get to Know Force: Victoria Vavalides

Victoria Vavalides

18 Aug Get to Know Force: Victoria Vavalides

Each week, we’ll be highlighting a key Force Marketing team member here on the blog. Get to know our team a little better, starting today with Digital Advertising Specialist Victoria Vavalides!


Q. What’s your role at Force, and what does it entail?

I’m a Digital Advertising Specialist with a focus on Facebook. My role involves creating and managing Facebook ad campaigns, monitoring budgets and spending the client’s money effectively, while working with the Client Success Managers and Account Executives to ensure a cohesive experience for the client.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about what you do here?

I really enjoy offering the client a new advertising medium that they may not have tried previously, and getting positive reactions from them when we present Facebook ads tailored to their needs.

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of work.

If there’s a concert going on, I’m most likely there. I love music; it’s definitely one of my passions. I also love being outdoors; you can catch me hiking or camping when I’m not traveling almost every weekend. Music festivals really allow me to combine my two favorite things, music and being outdoors, so that’s where I really thrive. I also really enjoy exploring the Atlanta brewery and restaurant scene – we have so many cool places to go here, I doubt I’ll ever be able to try everything on my list!


Q. What’s your dream travel destination, or favorite place you’ve ever traveled?

My favorite place I’ve ever traveled was Colorado last summer. The outdoor scenery there can’t be beat! And there’s pretty much no humidity there, so my hair got a nice break from the Georgia heat. As for my dream travel destination, I’ve never been out of the country, but I would love to visit Greece and further explore my heritage.

Q. Did you have any sort of automotive background before Force?

None. I actually interned at Force for 1.5 years before starting here full time. #employeeforlife

Q. What’s your dream vehicle?

I would have to go with my trusty Nissan Altima coupe, which is the car I drive right now. I’ve never been particularly into sports cars, and my car really does the job getting me back n forth.

Q. What’s your theme song?

Right now I would say Both Eyes Closed – Gucci Mane ft. 2 Chainz and Young Dolph. I saw Gucci in concert last weekend at the Tabernacle and he did not disappoint.

Q. Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Probs Jennifer Aniston. She’s actually Greek as well, and when I was younger people would tell me that we favored before she got her nose job.

Q. What advice would you give to a new employee at Force?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Every human in the office wants you to succeed, and would love to help you along the way.

Q. What’s your favorite quote?

I actually have 2 right now:

“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” – John Steinbeck

“I’mma get mine more than I get got, doe” – Marshawn Lynch

Q. Any weird talents or facts about you?

(Apparently and not on purpose) I’m really quiet and stealthy when I’m walking around the office, and have a real knack for scaring the crap out of people when I come up to their desk. Who doesn’t love a good panic in the middle of the workday?

Q. Anything else you’d like people to know?

I’m kind of like an egg – you have to crack the outer shell to get to the good part. I also have really bad resting (angry) face, but it melts away in conversation, so don’t be afraid to come visit my desk 🙂

Stay tuned for next week, when we’ll be getting to know another Force Marketing team member! Want to be a part of our incredible team? Take a look at the open positions on our Careers page!

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