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A Brand New Feature from Google AdWords: Notes

Google AdWords Introduces Notes | Force Marketing

06 Jun A Brand New Feature from Google AdWords: Notes

Written by Patrice Pavone-Franco, Paid Search Manager

Google AdWords has been making a lot of changes lately in an effort to transition users from the old interface to the new AdWords experience. One of the most anticipated features was just released this month: Google AdWords Notes!

Google Adwords Notes Force Marketing

The ease of adding annotations directly in Google Analytics has been something more AdWords users have wished for in the platform. Rather than checking the change history or some outside source to see what optimizations caused a spike (or a drop) within a performance graph, with the release of Notes, users can directly record updates at the source.

Google Adwords Notes Function Force Marketing

Notes are created and managed directly in the new AdWords experience, and can easily be viewed or added to by anyone who has access to the account. Users can add these notes on points on a performance graph (similar to the way annotations function within Google Analytics), and directly on the overall Campaign or Ad Group level of an account. Users can also be expanded to see all entries on an account in a quick glance.

Google AdWords Notes PPC Force Marketing

The reason this feature has been on so many AdWords users’ wish lists is simple: it allows you to get a more complete picture of your account. Context is key when you’re determining what works and what doesn’t work in marketing, and with Google Adwords Notes, you’ll be able to better determine which change caused a shift in performance and optimize accordingly. It’s a streamlined way to make sure you dealership’s digital marketing is as effective as possible.

You can read more about Google Adwords Notes here and steps on implementation here.

The Force Marketing team, proud to be a Premier Google Partner, is hard at work implementing this for our dealer clients. If you’re looking for more information on this update, we’re happy to help. Contact us today to find out why our automotive SEM solutions prove so effective for dealers across the country.

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