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Google Launches New Auto-Specific Ad Format

12 May Google Launches New Auto-Specific Ad Format

The new ads can benefit dealers and OEMs alike. Last week, Google AdWords held its second-annual livestreamed Inside AdWords event, which featured a number of new product announcements and updates. One of those? Brand-new automotive ad formats. According to presenter Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management for AdWords, more than 50 percent of automotive searches take place on mobile devices. To that end, Google is introducing two new types of automotive mobile ads– one for OEMs and one for dealers. The OEM ad format, which is currently only available on mobile but will be rolling out to other types of devices going forward, is called Automobile Ads. When users search for a vehicle, they are shown a carousel of images of both the interior and exterior of that vehicle. When they tap on an image, they’ll be shown more information about the model in question, including horsepower, estimated MPG and more. This format will allow users to immediately gather information about vehicles they’re interested in. Additionally, AdWords announced Dealer Listing Ads (DLA). These ads are geared toward local dealers, and serve up a three-pack of local dealer ads that allow users searching for a term like “Dodge dealership” to find Dodge dealers in their area.
These DLA ads can be accessed when users click on the “Dealers” link within the OEM carousel ads, but dealers can also opt-in for them. Because dealers and their agencies cannot choose keywords on which to bid with these types of ads– Google handles that on the backend– brands and businesses who aren’t local dealers cannot be shown. This means that when searchers are looking for local dealers, only local dealer ads will appear, simplifying the entire process. These new automotive ad types show that Google is making a concerted effort to make search more effective and efficient for both dealers and auto shoppers alike. Want to learn more about how these ad types might fit into your dealership’s automotive PPC strategy? Contact the Force Marketing team today to find out!

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