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Google Maps Gets a Cross-Device Upgrade


13 Jul Google Maps Gets a Cross-Device Upgrade

Google announced via Google+ today that users can now send locations directly from Google Maps on their desktop to their iPhone or Android device. All they have to do is be signed in on both devices, and when they look up a map location, a “Send to Device” option will appear. The map location will be sent to the mobile device as a push notification.
GoogleMaps Upgrade Force Marketing
What does this mean for businesses in general, and dealers specifically? It means that it’s a great time to make sure your business listings on sites like Google Maps are correct, and that users can find your dealership easily. It’s a fact that car shoppers now tend to use multiple devices to research a vehicle purchase and a dealership from which to buy. The 2015 Automotive Buyer Influence Study by IHS Automotive Driven by Polk and AutoTrader.com found that 42 percent of car shoppers do so (and that number jumped to 50 percent when they narrowed it down to Millennial car shoppers). In fact, that same study also found that multi-device usage among car-buyers is projected to increase to 80 percent by 2020. These kinds of numbers are important to be aware of so that dealers can make the cross-device car shopping experience as streamlined as possible for buyers. That includes making sure your business listings on Google and other sites are all up-to-date and accurate, but also ensuring your website is mobile-optimized, and that once a shopper is on your site, it’s easy for them to find a phone number, address and other pertinent information. Citation alignment– making sure those business listings are correct and can drive shoppers to your showroom– is a part of the Force Marketing SEO strategy, as is working to optimize your website so that shoppers have a good experience, no matter what device they may be using. Want to learn more about how we can help? Contact our team today.  

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