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Google Removes Right-Hand-Side Ads from SERPs


23 Feb Google Removes Right-Hand-Side Ads from SERPs

When you look at a Google SERP this week, you might notice something a little different. That’s because starting at the end of last week, Google no longer showcases AdWords ads on the right side of its search result pages.

On top of that, the number of ads at the top of the page may increase from three to four, depending on the search,

according to Google. The right side of the page won’t always be empty– Google says that Product Listing Ads and Knowledge Graph boxes will occupy it on certain queries.

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The change bridges the gap between the search experience on mobile and the search experience on desktop, for one thing, though that’s not likely to be the only reason Google made this decision. The company has been testing these changes for years, likely because right-hand-side ads weren’t getting impressive enough results.

So what does this mean for dealers?

For one thing, the addition of a fourth ad at the top of the SERP will push the organic results on the page down even more than they already are. That means users have to scroll to find these organic results– which isn’t a dealbreaker, as smartphones and other devices have taught users to scroll. That said, it means that being at the top of the organic rankings is more important than ever for dealers, and it might be a good time to take a look at your SEO strategy and ensure that it’s working.

The impact on the cost-per-click for the ads that do remain– the ones at the top of the page– is yet to be seen. Marketers will have to monitor that to determine if new strategies need to be developed to keep clients seeing the same degree of success as before this change was made, even if this change makes CPCs inflate to compete for these prime top positions.

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