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Google Takes Steps to Reduce Accidental Ad Clicks on Mobile

29 Jun Google Takes Steps to Reduce Accidental Ad Clicks on Mobile

It’s now more difficult to click an ad– and that’s better for dealers. Have you ever accidentally tapped on an ad on your smartphone, launching an advertiser’s website that you didn’t intend to visit? Even with the larger screen real estate offered by devices like the iPhone 6 Plus, it’s an easy mistake for anyone to make. For smartphone users, that erroneous click merely results in a few seconds of inconvenience. For an advertiser, however, those clicks can cost money. That’s why Google is doing something about it. The company recently announced three changes to mobile ads that will help reduce these accidental types of clicks.
Google Accidental Clicks Force Marketing
1. The outer border of an advertisement will no longer be clickable. Google has identified that this area is the most likely to see accidental “fat finger” clicks, and therefore taps to this border area will not count. 2. Ads that pop up on a user’s screen will now have to be onscreen for a set length of time (one that Google has not officially announced) before becoming clickable. This is meant to allow users to fully understand what an ad is about before clicking on it. 3. In-app interstitial ads– the ones that pop up advertising other apps and games that users can download– will now require users to click the call-to-action to be taken to the app store page. Clicking on the app’s icon will no longer count, as Google has determined it’s too close to the ad close button, which users may be trying to click instead.
These changes are great for users, too, who won’t have to interrupt the article they’re reading or game they’re playing to visit a website on which they’re not likely to convert. They’re even better for dealers and other marketers who advertise on mobile devices, because they mean you’ll be paying for fewer unintended– and therefore unqualified– clicks on your ads. In fact, Google reports a 15 percent average lift in conversion rate for display ads with these updates, since they drive more qualified clicks. Google makes changes like this frequently, all in the name of creating the best possible user experience for searchers and internet users. The Force Marketing digital team is committed to staying on top of these kinds of changes so that they can apply them to your account, improving your ROI in the process. Want more information? Contact the Force Marketing team today!

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