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How Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Leads to Dealership Success

01 Feb How Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Leads to Dealership Success

Successful automotive direct mail campaigns bring qualified customers into a dealership showroom, where a talented staff can make a sale. Force Marketing specializes in carefully crafting automotive direct mail pieces that are eye-catching and effective at driving traffic to your dealership.

Force Marketing offers a number of different types of automotive direct mail pieces, all of which achieve trackable results for clients.
  • Make a trade. We can target specific customers with automotive direct mail pieces that include personalized Black Book offers for their current vehicle. These customers are encouraged to respond in a number of ways to follow up with your dealership about trading their current vehicle for one in your expansive inventory.
  • Aftermarket solutions. Automotive direct mail isn’t merely about selling new and used cars—it’s about selling customers on services, parts and body work as well. Target car-owners who need maintenance or repairs to increase traffic to your dealership’s service department.
  • Grand openings. Big events at your dealership like Grand Openings are a draw to potential customers, but how can you get the word out? Targeted automotive direct mail pieces can be customized to alert local customers to events taking place at your dealership so attendance is sure to be high.
  • Payment reduction. Nothing gets a customer’s attention like great savings, so automotive direct mail pieces that offer customers lower monthly payments on their new vehicle can be especially effective.
  • Personalized mail pieces. Handwritten letters are some of the most effective automotive direct mail pieces thanks to their personalization. A handwriting-like font combined with customized content can bring customers into your showroom quickly and effectively.
Automotive direct mail can bring qualified, targeted customers into your showroom faster and more efficiently than many other types of marketing.  With so many automotive direct mail options to benefit from, dealerships are wise to take advantage of the services Force Marketing has to offer. contact Force Marketing today!

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