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How Customer Match in Google AdWords Can Drive Better Results

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15 May How Customer Match in Google AdWords Can Drive Better Results

This article originally appeared in the Ask the Expert section of Car Biz Today Magazine. To learn more, contact Force Marketing’s expert digital team.

Q. We’ve seen success with Facebook campaigns using audience matching. Can we run similar campaigns on Google as well?

A. I’m glad you’ve begun experimenting with audience-based marketing, and have seen firsthand that it can provide great results and ROI. Google does, in fact, offer something similar– Customer Match campaigns.

Google’s Customer Match campaigns are simple. You begin by uploading a list of email addresses (from your DMS, for instance, segmented into groups like “lost customers,” “current customers,” “sales customers who have never serviced,” etc.) Google then matches these email addresses to signed-in users to create Customer Match lists.

Next, you can create a campaign designed specifically for these matched users. The ad copy or creative should speak to each audience, so consider special offers or incentives that will entice them to visit your dealership. Once the matched users are signed into their Google account, they’ll begin to see your ads as they use Search, YouTube, and/or Gmail.

In addition, Customer Match can help you reach more car-shoppers, since these lists can be used to identify similar audiences (based on the demographics of the initial list) and target them with unique messaging.

Give Customer Match campaigns a try on Google, and I hope you see as much success as you have on Facebook!

In this 30-Second Marketing Tip video, we also shared real client results from a Customer Match campaign:

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