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Key Updates from Google Marketing Live 2018

Google Marketing Live Force Marketing

13 Jul Key Updates from Google Marketing Live 2018

The Google Marketing Live event kicked off early this week out in San Jose, California, and top leaders from #TeamForce were excited to be in attendance! As a Premier Google Partner, our team has the privilege of taking part in events like this, and our CEO and President, John Fitzpatrick, as well as Vice President, Cody Tomczyk, flew out to California for a week of insight and announcements from Google.

Force Marketing Team Google Marketing Live

Every year, the Google Marketing keynote offers marketers a first look at the fresh new innovations Google has to offer, and this year was no exception. During the keynote session, Google execs, engineers, and product leaders introduced a number of new initiatives and changes that will impact the Force Marketing team, as well as digital advertisers everywhere.

The overarching theme was “Advertising that works for everyone,” and everything they announced was in service of that theme.

First, a little bit of rebranding. At Google Marketing Live, a few changes were unveiled:

1. Google AdWords will now be Google Ads

2. DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 are combining to form the Google Marketing Platform

3. DoubleClick Search will now be known as Search Ads 360

The complete rebrand won’t take place until July 24th, but it’s a good idea to start getting familiar with the new names and labels.

Google Marketing Live Event

Next, Google introduced a new ad type– Responsive Search Ads. These ads will provide the most relevant copy for a given searcher by combining ad headlines and text descriptions from a variety of options advertisers have created. These ads can also show up to 90% more copy than Expanded Text Ads, taking up more space on the SERP, as an ad can show up to three 30-character headlines and two 90-character description lines.

The company also revealed a new way to monitor landing page speed– Mobile Speed Score. This score will tell you how fast each ad’s landing page is, and since landing page speed and experience factors into both ad rank and conversion rates, this feature will go a long way to improve a dealer’s overall search performance.

A few other key updates: Google announced cross-device reporting and remarketing in Google Analytics, something that will help track attribution across devices. They introduced a new option for YouTube’s TrueView for Reach Ads: Form Ads that allow video advertisers to collect leads through a form directly on the ad. And so much more– see below for more in-depth recaps.

Overall, the week provided an exciting look at what’s to come from Google, and showcased the company’s commitment to providing relevant content for a given audience, robust attribution tracking, and advertising automation.

To learn more about what we heard at Google Marketing Live, or to get a free digital audit for your dealership, contact us today!


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