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Mobile Media Consumption Expected to Rise 28% This Year

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14 Jun Mobile Media Consumption Expected to Rise 28% This Year

Around the world, people are consuming less and less media overall– except when it comes to mobile.

According to Zenith Optimedia’s recent Media Consumption Forecast, mobile media consumption is set to increase by about 28 percent over the course of this year, while all non-mobile media consumption (which includes traditional and desktop Internet) will drop 3.4 percent.

That’s right– they’re watching a little less TV, and logging onto the Internet at their desktop computer a bit less frequently, but they simply can’t put down their mobile phones and tablets.

This should come as no surprise– mobile has been the next big things for years now. Just last year, mobile overtook desktop as U.S. Internet users’ primary mode of getting online, and a Facebook study early this year found that 58 percent of mobile-first shoppers reported that they were likely to do all their vehicle research on their smartphone going forward.

The new Zenith Optimedia report estimated that about 71 percent of all global Internet consumption will occur on mobile in 2016. That’s a lot.

With mobile on the rise with no sign of slowing down, isn’t it time you took a look at your mobile marketing efforts to make sure you’re doing it right? That’s where we come in. On Wednesday, June 22, we’re hosting an exclusive webinar event called “Mobile Matters: How Dealers Can Do It Better.” Our Director of Strategy Kate Andra will be joined by Shalini Jariwala from Google Channel Sales to discuss why the mobile strategies you have in place might not be working, the difference between mobile-friendly and mobile-focused, and the new strategies that Google is introducing that are completely mobile-first.

All who attend will be in the running to win a free Apple Watch, so don’t miss out!

Register for your spot today at ForceMKTG.com/Mobile!

Watch the video below for more insight into what to expect from our June 22, 2016 webinar:

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