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New Study Explores the Future of Mobile Auto Shopping

18 Jan New Study Explores the Future of Mobile Auto Shopping

Establishing that many of today’s car-shoppers rely heavily on their mobile devices is one thing. Knowing what to do with that information is another.

Facebook recently commissioned a study from Ipsos Media CT about shoppers that conduct most of their research using devices like smartphones and tablets– what they refer to as “mobile-first” shoppers– to shine some light on the future of car-shopping. In a previous study, they’d found that these mobile-first shoppers made up 27 percent of people in the U.S. (and comprised an even larger proportion in certain demographics, like Millennials).

The new study explored how these shoppers interact with dealers, and how dealers can reach them from a marketing standpoint going forward.

In general, Facebook and Ipsos found that mobile-first shoppers are further along in the purchase path than their desktop-favoring counterparts— they often know the exact vehicle they want before visiting a dealership, and 24 percent of them have requested a quote from a dealer online. This means that a dealer’s mobile-centric marketing strategy must be prepared to capture customers who are lower in the sales funnel.

The study also found that mobile’s role in the car-shopping process is only going to increase going forward. 71 percent of respondents reported that they prefer to do all their vehicle research online– they only go to the dealer for the final transaction. A full 58 percent of them also said that in the future, they are likely to conduct all their vehicle research on their smartphone. 62 percent even said that they’d complete the vehicle purchase process, from start to finish, online if they were able.

Other findings:

  • 61 percent report that video is playing an increasingly important role in their car-shopping experience
  • 44 percent say that mobile works better than desktop research for reaching out to a dealership
  • 66 percent of mobile-first shoppers use mobile apps, while 73 percent use mobile websites to research

Check out the complete findings on Facebook’s Insights blog, and contact the Force Marketing team for insights into how a solid mobile strategy can help your dealership reach these types of car-shoppers.

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