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New Study Finds Mobile Video Ads Lead to Higher Engagement

06 Apr New Study Finds Mobile Video Ads Lead to Higher Engagement

Mobile video ads see 5x more engagement on average. Want more engagement with your mobile ads? Try adding video, according to a recent study by Millennial Media. The study found that on average, mobile video ads saw five times the engagement that standard banner ads did across all verticals. In some verticals, like technology and business services, video ads garnered more than eight times the engagement. So what about automotive? Within the automotive industry specifically, Millennial Media found that video ads drove 296% higher engagement than standard banner ads. While that may not be on par with certain other verticals, it’s still a sizable increase in engagement. Why is this the case? Because both across the board and within the automotive industry, consumers tend to respond well to video. Remember that Google found that 84 percent of video researchers plan to watch auto videos the next time they shop for a car, and that more than half of all auto shoppers now watch 30 minutes or more of video when researching a purchase. In all verticals, mobile video advertising was a growing strategy in 2014, as Millennial Media found that 22 percent of the campaigns implemented on its platform included “Watch Video” actions. But despite the fact that mobile video ads have proven to be effective and shoppers have proven to favor them, the automotive industry has been slow to implement them– only 10 percent of automotive campaigns on Millennial Media’s platform used video, compared to 27 percent of entertainment campaigns and 22 percent of consumer goods campaigns. This means that there’s a huge opportunity for dealers and other marketers within the automotive industry to succeed by simply doing what’s already proven to work. If you’re looking for consumer engagement, then video ads are without question something you and your dealership should be considering.

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