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New USPS Postage Price Increase & How It Impacts Dealers

03 Jun New USPS Postage Price Increase & How It Impacts Dealers

The change in postage price went into effect on May 31, 2015. The Postal Service has done it again– a number of postage price increases went into effect on Sunday, May 31. If you use direct mail to drive customers to your dealership, then this is important for you to know. While the price changes won’t affect most consumers, as the price of standard stamps hasn’t changed, it will have an impact on all businesses that use bulk mailing. As of now, the largest increase that might affect you is First-Class automated pre-sorted mail. If you choose to send a letter or a postcard First-Class, the postage will cost one additional cent per piece. Prefer to use Standard postage for your mail campaign, or sending out a Saturation campaign? Your prices will also increase, though by slightly less. The postage price for each Standard letter will increase by half a penny, while the postage for each Saturation mail piece will rise by under half a cent. The benefit of working with a team like Force Marketing is that not only are we fully aware of these postal changes and how they may impact our clients, but we can work with you to recommend the best, most cost-efficient campaign for your dealership. Have questions about the postal increase, or want to learn more about how a direct mail campaign from Force can fit into your overall multi-channel marketing plan? Contact us today!  

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