New Technology Partnership

We're proud to announce we're now an Oracle Elite Data Marketer.

Oracle is the world’s largest provider of customizable audience sets, with more than 300 million records in the U.S. Through our status with Oracle, our dealer partners are able to utilize those data sets across all measurable digital marketing mediums.

Force Marketing and Oracle bring together the advanced data and expertise you need to compete in today’s automotive landscape. If you’re ready to unlock your marketing potential, contact us today!

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Sell more cars with big data.

The digital marketing landscape is always changing. We use big-data to target the right prospects in every channel at the right time.
Helix Data & Reporting

By integrating a dealer's DMS, inventory and over 1,000 data points, Helix allows you to create a personalized offline and online customer journey with real-time attribution reporting.

Targeted Email Marketing

Retain, reactivate and acquire more customers through email marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results in real-time.

Paid Search Management

We generate content for your ad campaigns using offers and information unique to your dealership and optimize campaigns down to the keyword level.

Display and Retargeting

Our display and retargeting campaigns utilize custom creative that’s strategically designed to reach more customers while targeting the right demographics, keywords and more.

Social and Online Rep Management

Not all social posts and review sites are created equal! We manage your dealership presence across social networking sites while making sure your online reputation stays in-tact.

Social Advertising

Capture the attention of your potential customers where they spend their time - on social media - and target them across multiple demographics.

Search Engine Optimization

100% unique content that is optimized for search engines and tailored to your website’s needs. We stay current on the latest in SEO, including schematic mark-up and rich snippet optimization.

Online Video Advertising

Website visitors who are shown a video ad are 70% more likely to convert on a dealer site. On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more consumers than any cable network in the U.S.

Digital Creative Management

We design custom creative for your dealership website featuring up-to-date incentives that drive visitors to convert, including web sliders, and more.

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