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Postal Service Begins Facilities Merger

01 Oct Postal Service Begins Facilities Merger

Direct mail advertising is a more powerful means of communication than ever before. As digital communications increase, tangible, person-to-person communications increase in value, too.

  Unfortunately, also as digital communications increase, income retained by the United States Postal Service decreases. In fact, the postal service hit $25 billion in net losses over the past five years so, as most of us know, they are cutting costs wherever possible. One way they plan to maintain cost-effective service is by consolidating some of their 461 mail processing facilities, including Network Distribution Centers (NDCs) and Surface Transfer Centers (STCs), beginning in August. Internally, Force Marketing has already made adjustments in preparation for these mergers. Ideally, the mergers will go smoothly and we will experience no delays in mail delivery. But, to ensure all of our mailers meet their in-home dates, we are extending our campaign approval due dates up to two days beyond the current requirement. The change is effective immediately and deadlines may vary depending on mailer format. The production and account services staffs at Force Marketing will take extra care to keep all the appropriate parties informed of changes and deadline expectations. With preparation and close communication, Force Marketing plans to transition all of our client services without a hitch. The sorting facility consolidations are expected to save the USPS $2.1 billion annually by 2014. Phase one of the mergers will be complete in February 2013. The USPS will halt all mergers between September and December 2012 in expectation of a high volume of political campaign-related and holiday mail. Call or e-mail your Force Marketing rep with questions or concerns about mail delivery service.

USPS Fun Facts

Did you know?
  • There are currently more than 27,000 post offices in the U.S.
  • First-Class Mail adds up to approximately 75 billion pieces of mail annually.
  • Standard Mail totals approximately 80 billion pieces annually.
  • Periodicals amount to slightly more than $7 billion annually.If you’re interested in learning more  contact Force Marketing today!

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