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The Advantages of Having a Multi-Platform Video Strategy for Your Dealership


Jim Fitzpatrick sits down with Jeff Brown, the chief revenue officer of Force Marketing headquartered here in Atlanta. Jeff discusses his upcoming panel, the new revolution in video strategy at Digital Dealer 27.

Meet DRIVE. Our newest innovation.


DRIVE is our newest innovation. DRIVE is a dynamic video platform that is innovative and sophisticated. Dealers will now be able to effectively target consumers using customizable video through DMS/CRM data, by actually pulling dealer inventory directly into creative.


Compared to traditional video ads, clients utilizing our personalized dynamic video product has increased completed view rates over 200% while decreasing cost per view by an average of 77%, making this one of the most cost-effective mediums on the market today. Even better, our personalized dynamic video product can run on YouTube, Facebook, CTV, OTT and programmatic networks to ensure that you’re connecting with in-market consumers wherever they are online.

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