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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Automotive PPC

Automotive PPC

Get the Most Out of Your Advertising Dollars and Maximize Performance with Force Marketing PPC.

PPC Service for Car Dealers

PPC Mobile


Making ads appear at the best times with bid modifiers associated by device, time and location.

PPC Keywords

Keyword Selection

Funneling keywords efficiently to ensure only in-market shoppers are being targeted.

PPC UX Designs

Ad Copy

Using unique copy to have your auto business and location stand out.

PPC Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords

Controlling irrelevant keywords to decrease non-converting casual traffic clicks.

PPC Callout Extensions

Ad Extensions

Including Site Links, Call Links, Inventory Info and Reputation to capitalize on all extensions.

PPC Deep Linking

Deep Linking

Directing ads that link to the most relevant pages and not defaulting to just the homepage.

GeoForce™ — Force Marketing Technology

We sought to improve our client's digital marketing efficiency using an innovative targeting strategy. Typically, customers are targeted within a radius around a dealership, but is this the most effective way to reach your customer base? Instead, we breakdown zip codes that should be targeted based on where customers are actually doing business. From there, we’re able to reference more than 18 data points, along with dealership data, to create a sophisticated targeting strategy. This targeting can be applied to all multi-channel marketing efforts for our clients. By using GeoForce™, the average dealer sees a significant decline in wasted ad dollars, as well as an increase in ROI.

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