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Survey Says: Marketers Plan to Increase Email Budgets in 2016

29 Jan Survey Says: Marketers Plan to Increase Email Budgets in 2016

Growth is a key part of marketing– you want to see sales growth, and to do so, sometimes you need to see budget growth, too. A recent study, the Selligent and StrongView 2016 Marketing Trends Survey, highlighted the areas of marketing that are set to see the most growth this year.

The top marketing channel that respondents said they’d add budget to in 2016? Email marketing. Sixty percent of those surveyed planned to increase their email budget this year. They reported that their top three initiatives in terms of email were increasing subscriber engagement, improving segmentation and targeting, and improving data analysis to better understand customer context– all very worthwhile goals.

Email wasn’t the only medium that marketers reportedly planned to do more of in 2016. Tied for second place in the survey were social media and display advertising with 56 percent, while mobile marketing came in third with 52 percent.

Remember, your overall budget doesn’t have to grow in order to achieve better results and ROI. Consider rearranging your budget so that you’re investing in mediums and channels that tend to get results, and perhaps putting less of your budget in mediums that are less successful.

Within each channel, it’s also smart to identify where some of your ad dollars might be wasted. Better targeting can make a tremendous impact on your ROI. GeoForce™, our advanced paid search targeting solution, is one way that we do this for our clients, highlighted in the video below:

However you plan to reorganize, rearrange or raise your marketing budget this year, make sure you’re doing it smartly and strategically. Force Marketing can help. Contact us to speak with one of our team members about how to reach your goals in 2016.

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