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Mobile-First Indexing SEO Force Marketing

24 Sep How Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Impacts Your SEO Efforts

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would be migrating websites to mobile-first indexing, wherein the search engine ranks each site based on its mobile version first, then its desktop version. This is indicative of the high priority Google places on the mobile experience, and in turn, provides insight into how dealers should approach their SEO efforts. As this gradual migration toward mobile-first indexing has continued, some dealers have begun getting alerts like the one pictured below: If you or your marketing team see an alert like this, it simply means that your site has officially been migrated to the new...

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Google Ads Champions Week Force Marketing

21 Sep Team Force Takes Part in Google Ads Champions Week

This week, our SEM team was excited to participate in Google Ads Champions Week, an interactive and educational experience hosted remotely by Google. Through the week-long course, the Google team focused on empowering partners like us with the foundational knowledge of their products to help us further develop as experts in the industry. The sessions that made up the course focused on the fundamentals of Audience, Automation, and Attribution, and were hosted by Google’s own product experts. At the end of the week, these experts held a live Q&A to review each session. Our SEM team was able to...

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Google My Business Force Marketing

24 Jul A New Strategy for Dealers: Posting via Google My Business

by Patrice Pavone-Franco, Manager of Paid Search Today, it's more critical than ever that dealers are well-represented on a search engine results page. In service of that, something that's becoming more and more popular this past year is the addition of Posts via Google My Business (GMB). You may have noticed this feature in action when you’ve used Google to search for a local business, like a dealership. The feature allows the business to display more detailed information about an offer, event, or service with a strong call-to-action (CTA). The post is displayed in the business’ Knowledge Panel. Google My Business is a great boost to...

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Google Marketing Live Force Marketing

13 Jul Key Updates from Google Marketing Live 2018

The Google Marketing Live event kicked off early this week out in San Jose, California, and top leaders from #TeamForce were excited to be in attendance! As a Premier Google Partner, our team has the privilege of taking part in events like this, and our CEO and President, John Fitzpatrick, as well as Vice President, Cody Tomczyk, flew out to California for a week of insight and announcements from Google. Every year, the Google Marketing keynote offers marketers a first look at the fresh new innovations Google has to offer, and this year was no exception. During the keynote session, Google...

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Customer Match Campaigns Force Marketing

15 May How Customer Match in Google AdWords Can Drive Better Results

This article originally appeared in the Ask the Expert section of Car Biz Today Magazine. To learn more, contact Force Marketing's expert digital team. Q. We’ve seen success with Facebook campaigns using audience matching. Can we run similar campaigns on Google as well? A. I’m glad you’ve begun experimenting with audience-based marketing, and have seen firsthand that it can provide great results and ROI. Google does, in fact, offer something similar-- Customer Match campaigns. Google’s Customer Match campaigns are simple. You begin by uploading a list of email addresses (from your DMS, for instance, segmented into groups like "lost customers," "current customers," "sales...

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Force Marketing Google AdWords Champion

08 Nov Force Marketing Invited to Google for America’s Next Top AdWords Champion Event

Force Marketing was recently invited to go for the gold at Google’s America’s Next Top AdWords Champion competition, held Nov. 6 and 7 in Mountain View. The exclusive invite-only event provided us with the opportunity to be recognized by Google for the hard work we do for our clients, and learn a lot in the process. Elijah Thao, Force Marketing’s Director of Digital Marketing, attended the event, along with PPC Manager Patrice Pavone-Franco. While the competition was fierce, it wasn’t the sole purpose of the event. It was designed to provide teams with tips on utilizing new Google UIs, products, and...

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Google Ann Arbor Automotive Summit Force Marketing

29 Jun Takeaways From the Google Automotive Partner Summit

Google recently held an Automotive Partner Summit at its offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and invited members of Force Marketing's leadership team to join in for a day packed full of informative presentations and panels. It was the first summit of its kind, and a select number of agencies and marketing companies were among the attendees. Below, find just a few of the insightful stats, facts, tips and trends that the Google team shared with the Force Marketing team in Ann Arbor: There are more than 20,300 automotive searches conducted on Google per minute. The average person checks their mobile phone 150 times per day. 70% of...

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Force Marketing Premier Google Partner

18 Jul Force Marketing: Now a Premier Google Partner

Force Marketing has long been a part of the prestigious Google Partners program, and recently, we earned the distinction of Premier Google Partner. We are proud to display the redesigned badge to signify our successful partnership. According to Google’s official AdWords blog, “The new badge is designed to recognize Partners who manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and deliver great results for their customers. Premier Partners will be required to maintain additional certification requirements and will receive increased support from Google.” At Force Marketing, we maintain a close relationship with Google, working with our Google Channel Sales representatives to host webinars...

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Fixed Ops Force Marketing

13 Jul Don’t Miss the Boat on Fixed Ops Marketing

It’s a $310 billion business in the U.S., and dealers are only benefiting from a small portion. We’re talking, of course, about fixed ops. According to NADA, dealerships only see about 27 percent of the country’s fixed ops business, with the rest going to independent mechanics, franchise mechanics and other companies. Since fixed ops likely accounts for a large portion of your net profits-- 54 percent on average-- it makes sense that you might want a bigger piece of that pie. But how can you take on these other companies and drive more fixed ops business to your dealership? If you’ve wondered...

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Force Marketing Mobile Marketing

07 Apr Google AdWords Debuts New Automotive Ad Formats

Last week, Google introduced a brand-new mobile ad format that should be of special interest to car dealers, called Model Automotive Ads. These ads are officially rolled out, and are available to all OEM automotive advertisers in the U.S. These new ads will display images of vehicles and additional details about those vehicles within mobile search results, so when shoppers search for a given vehicle, they’ll have a wealth of information right at their fingertips. This is a great way for Google to help connect auto shoppers with the vehicles they’re interested in, especially since about half of all automotive searches currently...

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