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The Facts Behind Facebook’s Recent Data Changes

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15 Aug The Facts Behind Facebook’s Recent Data Changes

Marketers across all industries have been working to get to the bottom of Facebook’s recent changes regarding third party data usage, and in the process, many misleading statements have been making the rounds.

That’s why we’re here to provide the facts.

It’s true that Facebook no longer permits third-party data to be used in its Partner Categories feature, which was introduced in 2013 and was utilized by marketers to create custom audiences to target with their messages.

It’s also true that thanks to our strategic partnership with Oracle as well as our Helix Audience Network, Force Marketing will still be able to connect first party DMS and CRM data with conquest audience data.

Force Marketing clients utilizing Helix, our advanced marketing intelligence platform, will still have access to the same advanced audience targeting they’ve enjoyed up to this point. Dealers who haven’t partnered with us won’t get those same benefits, and won’t be able to target customers in their market as effectively now that this Facebook change has taken place.

What does that mean for you? It means massive opportunity. Whether you’ve never advertised on Facebook before, or are simply looking to expand your current Facebook marketing strategies, now is the time to partner with Force to reach the right audiences with your message on Facebook.

By using the Helix platform, dealers can retain more of their current customers while acquiring more new ones, in addition to accessing advanced data and reporting. Contact us today to find out how Facebook marketing strategies and Helix work hand-in-hand to drive more traffic and more sales at your dealership.

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