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The Top Takeaways from Digital Summit Atlanta

22 May The Top Takeaways from Digital Summit Atlanta

The Force team attended to learn more about the digital strategies that can help dealers succeed. Digital Summit Atlanta took place last week, and several Force Marketing team members attended the conference.
Force Marketing Digital Summit
  Held at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, it brought together experts and thought leaders throughout the digital community to speak on hot topics and trends affecting businesses today. Speaking sessions included an opening keynote from Charlene Li, as well as executives from Coca-Cola, LinkedIn, CNN, Twitter and more. Here are a few takeaways the Force Marketing team brought back from the Summit: When in doubt, turn to science. A session called “Best Practices for Organic SEO” recommended a novel way to implement and monitor SEO strategies– the scientific method. The speaker suggested following these steps when it comes to an automotive SEO strategy:
  • Observe
  • Research
  • Hypothesize
  • Experiment
  • Analyze
  • Conclude
As a dealer who is attempting to achieve a goal– whether it’s to drive more organic traffic to your website or to sell 20 more cars per month– you must test out your strategies to find out if they work. It’s not just good advice for your SEO team. All automotive marketing can be improved through proper testing and analysis. It’s crucial to determine what works, so you can do more of it, and what doesn’t, so you can tweak your plan or invest your budget elsewhere.
Digital Summit Atlanta Mobile Marketing
  Mobile often comes first. In a session called “Mobile Millennials: The Past is Not Prologue,” we learned that shoppers use multiple devices to research their purchases, but often start out on mobile. This means that mobile marketing shouldn’t just be part of a dealer’s strategy, but a large part. The same session also discussed how when it comes to millennials, marketers often have their continuous partial attention thanks to their engagement on mobile devices. Many millennials– and consumers of other generations– use their phones or tablets as “second screens” as they watch TV or participate in other activities, which means that while their attention is divided, they are still reachable with the right engaging message.
Digital Summit Atlanta Consumer Trust
  The importance of building consumer trust. One session, “Four Usability Principles to Maximize Conversion Rate,” covered a broad array of topics about making your digital presence appealing for consumers. One point the speaker made: Assume that customers do not know your business at all, and that every micro-interaction either builds or destroys their trust in you. Dealers can’t simply assume that consumers in their market trust them. They must attempt to actually build that trust. But how? This session recommended three ways to build consumer trust:
  • Use your human side
  • Be transparent
  • Show consumers your value
If dealers and the marketers that work with them keep these three things in mind as they work to reach car shoppers, they’re much more likely to build trust than to damage it. The team at Force Marketing is committed to staying on the cutting edge of all things digital, from innovative new SEM strategies to the latest in programmatic video and more. These strategies can be applied to your dealership to help your customer base grow, so contact the Force Digital team today to learn more!  

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