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Using Data to Optimize your Paid Search

25 Aug Using Data to Optimize your Paid Search

We know that a lot of dealers took a large hit in Q2 sales of this year and some may still be trying to catch up. This is precisely why every advertising needs to be even more effective and spent wisely. Paid Search tends to make up a good amount of a dealer’s total advertising budget and it is also one of the lowest funnel channels. Meaning consumers will likely be ready to purchase within the next 30-60 days.

Now more than ever consumers are going through the entire purchasing process online. Which means dealers need to focus on optimizing their digital advertising even more. While Paid Search can be a complicated channel it also allows you the greatest opportunity for optimization.  We’ll walk you through the top data sets you should be analyzing and how you can apply that information to your campaigns. 

Once you learn how to leverage this vital data you already have we will also review some recommended strategies that you can apply to your campaigns. Why spend more money when you can spend your advertising dollars more efficiently? We’ll show you how!

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