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Watch John Fitzpatrick Interviewed on Auto Marketing Now

23 Apr Watch John Fitzpatrick Interviewed on Auto Marketing Now

Host Brian Pasch interviews Fitzpatrick about topics affecting auto dealers. Did you see Force Marketing’s CEO and President John Fitzpatrick on Wednesday’s episode of Brian Pasch’s Auto Marketing Now? If not, then you missed an insightful discussion about topics affecting dealers today. In the video, Fitzpatrick and Pasch discuss online video marketing, the importance of streamlined, multi-channel marketing strategies, and Force Marketing’s unique marketing dashboard, among other topics. “We marry online and offline together in order to make sure that dealers have an integrated marketing mix,” said Fitzpatrick in the interview. “We make sure they have connected media across all channels, and report on all dollars spent. It really gives dealers insight into how they are doing and how they can improve, and we have a team of professionals at Force who are working on that daily.” Auto Marketing Now is a weekly show on the CBT Automotive Network hosted by Pasch, and the episode featuring Fitzpatrick was posted on the CBT website on Wednesday, April 22. “Dealers are looking for a unified marketing solution, yet very few agencies are able to pull it all together in a consolidated dashboard,” said Pasch. “Force is leading the charge. A unified dashboard can really save dealers a lot of time in terms of weeding through data and reports that they don’t really need to look at, and so I’m excited about what John and the team at Force is doing.” Be sure to watch the video, above or on the CBT Automotive Network website, for more information and insights. Want to learn more about how Force Marketing can help your dealership succeed? Contact a Force representative today!

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