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What Do Penguins Have to Do with SEO?

01 Dec What Do Penguins Have to Do with SEO?

When you type a search query into the Google search box, you trust that the returned results are highly relevant to your search terms. More importantly, you hope that when car buyers are searching online for a vehicle in your area that your dealership appears prominently in the results.

Recently, Google released the Penguin update. This algorithm update was specifically designed to penalize site owners and SEO (search engine optimization) professionals spamming Google to improve their PageRank. Penguin is primarily focused on backlinks and the quality of those backlinks. Backlinks are links on external sites that refer to a particular page on a given site. Ideally, the number and quality of backlinks to a webpage is a strong indicator of a page’s relevancy. Recognizing this, some have engaged in questionable link schemes, such as purchasing backlinks, excessive reciprocal links and links to web spammers, to manipulate search engine performance and gain an advantage over the competition, which consequently harms the user experience for Google users. Moreover, some websites lost significant PageRank as a result of trusting their linking strategies to professionals engaging in these underhanded SEO quick fixes. The Force Digital Marketing team is dedicated to improving dealers’ website performance on the search engine results page through the creation of engaging, unique content as well as by consistently monitoring, improving and optimizing existing content and developing solid, reputable linking strategies. From paid ads to search engine results, review sites and social media platforms, the digital arena is quickly becoming one of the most competitive marketing and advertising areas for auto dealers. If you have not already, now is the time to have your current digital efforts evaluated for potential issues and improvements, helping your dealership build a strong Web identity that leverages buyer potential among an ever-growing online audience.  contact Force Marketing today!

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