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What you missed at Automotive Analytics & Attribution Summit (AAAS)

26 Nov What you missed at Automotive Analytics & Attribution Summit (AAAS)

We are back from Palm Beach where we attended the Automotive Analytics & Attribution Summit; a great event hosted by Brian Pasch. We had the opportunity to sponsor one of the happy hours, two of our leaders were chosen to speak on different panels, and as an added bonus, we had a prime booth location. It was definitely an action and information-packed event filled with Automotive Leaders and Influencers, alike.  

In case you weren’t there, Jeff Brown, our CRO, was one of the 5 panelists on the opening General Session discussing what marketing attribution looked like in 2019.  Jeff talked about how there are many different flavors of attribution. During the discussion, he shared how consumers are using video to consume content and the importance of being able to tie attribution to your video marketing strategy across all mediums.  He was able to give our product, Drive, a little plug. Nice work, Jeff!

Monday’s general session opened with our CEO, John Fitzpatrick, speaking with several other expert panelists on how dealers should evaluate website platforms and digital agencies. This panel discussed key metrics dealers should focus on when reviewing PPC and display advertising.  It was definitely an enlightening discussion filled with a lot of takeaways dealers could take back home.  

The breakout sessions were stellar, as well.  As attribution and audiences were hot topics, the Facebook Analytics Breakout Session was quite insightful.  Here is an interesting tidbit: It takes Facebook roughly 7 to 9 days to understand your audience for any ad you run. The lesson is you should plan on running your ads longer on Facebook than any other social media platform. Good to know, huh?

Finally, we met some great folks during coffee breaks and happy hours! We were able to have a lot of quality conversations around Drive, our dynamic video product, and how attribution was going to be even more important than ever going into 2020. All in all, it was a great event and we are already looking forward to next year’s AAAS!

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