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Why Dealerships are Investing in Digital Marketing

01 Jun Why Dealerships are Investing in Digital Marketing

A recent survey showed that 85%of luxury brands plan to increase their digital marketing spend in 2013, but they’re not the only ones.

Digital marketing spends are growing tremendously, particularly in the automotive industry. Automotive dealers across the country have been shifting their advertising and marketing budgets towards digital. But why? There are many reasons why digital marketing is newly important to automotive dealerships.
  • Digital marketing reaches highly-targeted customers. Digital marketing messages reach customers who are already interested in buying a car or finding a dealership. Through automotive PPC, you can reach consumers who are searching for vehicles in your area. Through automotive social media, you can even get your message to consumers who already follow your dealership on Facebook or Twitter! These customers are more likely to make a conversion, making digital marketing cost-effective.
  • Digital marketing is highly trackable. When Force Marketing implements an automotive PPC campaign for your dealership, you can see where your ad dollars are going. Each click on one of your ads is accounted for, meaning you can see exactly how well your digital marketing efforts are working.
  • Digital marketing is here to stay. There’s a reason that each year, automotive dealerships spend more and more money on digital marketing—because it’s not going anywhere. When your automotive competitors are focusing their energy on digital marketing, you can’t afford to miss out!
Force Marketing can help your automotive digital marketing efforts result in increased sales and a larger client base. Want to learn more? contact Force Marketing today!

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