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Winning the Phone App Derby with the Micro-Moment

17 Jun Winning the Phone App Derby with the Micro-Moment

Written by Lee Dalton I love sports. Well, let me rephrase that– I love to watch sports. I don’t love to play them. I’m not a huge fan of games, either, but if you are like me and are one of the 65% of all Americans who own a smartphone, there’s one little game we play every day. This “game” is highly competitive, and there is quite a bit at stake for the winners. I like to call it the Phone App Derby. As a smartphone user you may not realize it, but when you take a look at your phone, there’s a lot of competition for your attention. The actions you take validate efforts, generate revenue and impact lives (but no pressure!). That’s why the Phone App Derby is played out hundreds of times a day when smartphone users take a quick second to “just check their phone.” What does it take to win in this little game? Facebook has your friends; Twitter has Kim Kardashian; games have mindless fun, and email has important information to check up on. These are just a few of the many options out there. Regardless of what action you choose, the action will be taken quickly. Users find what they need to know, make decisions on how they want to act or react, then close the screen and get back to their busy lives. These little sprints spent on our phones are called micro-moments: mobile moments that require only a glance to identify, and deliver quick information that we can consume or act on immediately. This is a very important phenomenon, especially for dealers who use email to market to their customers, because the informational landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years. Today, individuals can get information in so many different ways. We want them to spend their micro-moments checking email– specifically, the email sent by us. Even more importantly, we want them to act upon said email by opening it up and following the call-to-action. This is no easy task. It has been said that a the best defense is a good offense. Here are some tactics your email marketing team can implement that can give your dealership’s email message a good chance of getting a click, scoring some points and putting you ahead in the game. Winning Strategies for Extending the Micro-Moment Strong subject lines. Flashy, catchy, funny, factual, urgent. These words can be used to describe great subject lines that have been proven to generate clicks. Inboxes are scrolled through quickly. To win the micro-moment here, we have to grab a shopper’s attention with a great subject line. This pulls them into the email with a click (score!). Once they are in, we have to keep them there. Image-based marketing. Clear, concise information and easy-to-take action are musts for capturing this micro-moment. Studies have shown that a beautifully-designed image with key bits of textual information sprinkled around appropriately-sized clickable buttons is the best strategy to deliver information quickly to the brain and elicit a response. When your marketing department or marketing partner, such as Force Marketing, does this correctly, an image-based strategy helps you win that micro-moment action of clicking instead of deleting. Consumer segmentation marketing. Above all, consumer segmentation is one of the best ways to score points in email marketing because it ensures that relevant information is being delivered to the right people at the right time. The process, however, can get very scientific and cumbersome. Segmentation based on behavior is a good place to start. It divides consumers into groups based on information that is readily available through a dealership’s CRM and/or DMS systems. User status, loyalty status and buyer readiness status are segment bases that can be examined more closely for better results from your email marketing efforts. Be there for them. Michael Barber, founder of barber&hewitt, shared an interesting fact with the attendees at Digital Summit Atlanta this year: a recent poll showed that 87% of Android phone owners take their phones with them when they go to the bathroom. 42% of them admitted to having checked their email during this time. The decision to buy a car or to get an oil change may not happen in the bathroom, but if the thought process gets started there, then you scored that micro-moment. There are only a few moments that we as marketers can capitalize on at any given time. We have to ensure that when the buzzer goes off, we are ready to capture a customer’s attention with great subject lines, visually appealing and relevant content, and easy-to-act-upon calls-to-action. To score the micro-moment, we have to first earn the click. Then to win, we have to extend that moment all the way to the finish line. Interested in finding out how the Force Marketing team can improve your ROI with a fully-integrated email strategy? Contact us today!

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