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Women in Automotive Conference Recap

17 Dec Women in Automotive Conference Recap

Two of our associates attended the 5th Annual Women in Automotive Conference this past weekend in Palm Springs, CA. This conference was centered around elevating women leaders in the automotive industry.

The event kicked off with an inspiring session from Lissette Gole, Head of Automotive Retail for Google. As women, we often aren’t comfortable speaking up and sharing our accomplishments. We tend not to like to brag. As Lissette stated, “Self promotion is not bragging if it is based on facts.” Her advice is to think of self promotion as an accomplishment of your personal brand. She goes on to say that you should look at the way some of your favorite brands get promoted, and frame your promotion as if it were one of those brands. The biggest take away all of us women need to remember is Confidence trumps competence.

Today there is a lot of conversation around work life balance for women. Women are generally the caretakers of their families, yet they are working full time. Christy Roman, founder of Women in Automotive, hosted a panel discussion on how do you achieve a work life balance and still make it home before bedtime.

One of the panelists shared she felt in order to achieve balance, you need to make a choice on what success looks like. Christy Roman, the panel moderator, said we all know what we need to do in our daily professions, so she tells her employees “I don’t care where you are, work how you work best.” I think this is something we all should promote as technology continues to evolve . It allows us the ability to stay connected, but be with our families when needed. The best advice of this session was family is the most important. Companies come and go. Family is forever.

Later in the conference, Brooke Skinner Ricketts, CMO of Cars.com also gave an inspiring keynote session. She said to not be fearful, raise your hand. They only way to advance is to do what scares you. Brooke’s best advice for work life balance was stop sweating the small stuff. When you focus on something, give it your all. Be 100% there. Success is more than just your job, it is your family too.

This content at this particular conference was more educational and inspiring than years prior. This advice is some we will definitely share with our Ladies Who Lead Group here at Force. We look forward to attending again in June of 2020.

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